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Dennis Heer

Meet Dennis Heer, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. While completing his Bachelor´s Degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Dennis knew that real estate and Mallorca were his passion. That combination resulted in starting his own certified real estate company on the island in 1995.
About Dennis
Nowadays Dennis is a very committed and reliable real estate agent with a lot of experience in the Premium Residential market and maintains a large network amongst high-end agencies, locally and in Europe. 

He views it a true privilege to provide clients guidance with their home buying and selling. Raised both in the Netherlands and Mallorca, Dennis is fluent in Dutch and Spanish in addition to English and German.

He appreciates and understands the different cultures and their nuances, which has helped him to understand his clients´ needs and provide them with the best service possible. His philosophy is that each deal is a partnership, not just a transaction.

Price Expert

‘If I can’t find it,
it’s not for sale’

About Dennis Heer Mallorca
No matter where you search on the island, Dennis has his contacts everywhere and will find every needle in the haystack. His motto:

‘If I can’t find it, it’s not for sale’.

He is a Price Expert with the ability to walk into any home or property and know its true value. His extensive knowledge in construction has proven advantageous when representing buyers, investors and developers in the Residential market.


In the field of new building projects, renovations, interior design and management, Dennis is also your perfect partner. He works only the best selected companies on the island.

Dennis always takes pride in building lasting relationships and providing an unmatched level of service to his clients.
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